Gyvlon Screed


The ultra-thin flowing screed, sub-base leveller

Within the Gyvlon® Screed 'Levelling' range, EXCELIO® Technology has been developed to offer a unique solution for a thin floor construction, specifically targeted to bridge the gap between self-smoothing compounds and bonded screeds.

EXCELIO® is a ready mixed truck delivered screed that can be applied from just 12mm. Up to 83m2 can be achieved for each cubic metre, eliminating the need for an expensive bagged alternative.

What does Excelio® offer?

+ level 

Achieves SR1 surface regularity

+ savings

Cost, Labour and Time savings on the build programme

+ speed

Significantly faster installation compare to thin section smoothing compounds

Health and safety


  • Pallet offload requires banksman and forklift on site
  • Manhandling of bagged products
  • Risk of dust inhalation when opening bags
  • Storage for pallets
  • Danger of cement burns
  • Risk of dermatitis
  • Safe disposal of empty bags

Our technicals +

  • Quality assured
    ready-mix produced by third party accredited partners
  • Only 12mm
    bridging the gap between smoothing compounds and bonded screeds
  • Green colouration 
    to ensure correct product selection