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timber frame


Noise is a leading source of discomfort for the occupants of a building. Whether in new or renovated, it is important to choose a solution for your project to ensure occupant comfort. Dissociated screeds on resilient or acoustic insulation are now required in all public buildings, like housing.

The combination of an acoustic insulation under a screed of our liquids reduces impact noise and achieve the performance conforms to regulatory requirements.

In collective housing for example, the goal is to prevent transmission of airborne sound or shock wave generated on the floor of an apartment to another.

The insulation to noise performance of a floor is expressed in dB , the index L'nT , W with respect to noise impact or DnT , A against airborne sound. The performance of a floor will be even better than L'nT , W is small and DnT , A is big. 

Our liquid screeds can be used in combination with all types of insulation of the market :
  • insulating layer such as mineral wool types
  • or even in thin acoustic layer (called scam) which are optionally combined with a thermal insulation (polyurethane, polystyrene ...)

Also, acoustic solutions with underfloor insulation can be used without any user limitation in the type P2 or P3 premises (including non-housing). 

Furthermore, our ECO® flooring screed with acoustic insulation ensures free choice of flooring (eg tiles, parquet, resilient flooring etc), and facilitates installation.


Do you know ?

When choising one of our products you collaborate with environmental preservation. Our anhydrite binder is composed of 98% recycled materials.