Gyvlon Screed



Part of the Gyvlon 'liquid flowing screed' ® range, FINIO® technology has been developed to offer a very thin readymix screed solution with minimal thickness of 20mm (unbonded), 25mm a (resilient layer) or 30mmb (floating insulation).

Thanks to the combination of low thickness and reduced weight, Gylvon® FINIO® is the ideal flowing screed solution for projects, particularly in renovation, where ceiling heights and/or low floor weights are key.

a: rubber based resilient layers only; b: insulation must be a minimum 140kPa if not then 35mm domestic, 40mm commercial applies

What does FINIO® offer?

Thin section

Up to 60% thickness reduction
when unbonded vs. traditional screed


Down to 40 kg/m² when unbonded, offering up to
60% lighter solution compared to traditional screed


Readymix solution, no site mixing, no bag
storage, ensuring a high productivity


Suitable for most
floor conditions and all kinds of floor finish

FINIO® technology also has all the benefits that you have to come to expect from a Gyvlon® screed product based on 30 years' experience, which includes:

  • Very high fluidity
    for fast installation
  • No shrinkage
    greatly reduced cracking, no curling
  • SR2 surface

    finish available
  • Environmentally friendly,
    greatly reduced CO2 and carbon content

FINIO® is the best flowing screed for all your renovation projects

FINIO® offers the best choice among all screed options when you are looking for a thin, light and cost-effective solution.

Using anhydrite natural stability and Anhydritec® expertise in screed formulation, FINIO® provides excellent stability over time with greatly reducing cracking and no curling.

Main features

  • Down to 20mm (unbonded), 25mm
    a (resilient layer) or 30mmb (floating insulation)
  • Up to 60% weight reduction
  • Cost-efficient
  • Highly versatile screed
  • Health &
    Remove manual handling of bagged material, mixing and water addition