Gyvlon Screed



Anhydritec Ltd has developed Gyvlon® ECO FD E2C® technology to complement its Gyvlon® range of screeds.

Designed for jobsites with reduced lead times, ECO FD E2C® screed enables floor coverings to be applied at least twice as fast as Gyvlon® ECO screed; under the same conditions. In addition, Gyvlon ECO FD E2C® brings together all proven benefits expected from a Gyvlon® screed which also includes low-skin option.

Shorter lead times before floor covering

The FD (Faster Drying) technology by Anhydritec® modifies the internal screed structure to speed up the drying process, drying times are at least twice as fast : it opens the doors for quicker floor covering.

The E2C® technology (Early to Cover) strengthens the screed properties -especially at the surface- increasing adhesion performance. Allowing risk free floor covering even at high humidity rate, from 90% RH for tiles1 and vinyls2.

The ECO FD E2C® screed is ideal for use on projects with tight time schedules; helping you achieve demanding deadlines while maintaining the advantages of anhydrite screed.

(1) Gypsum tile adhesive, cement tile adhesive with suitable vapour barrier ; otherwise 85%

(2) With suitable vapour barrier & smoothing compound ; if direct bond where finishes allow then 85% RH

Productivity and ease of use

The ECO FD E2C® screed exhibits very high productivity rates (200 m²/h). It is possible to walk on after 24 hours, and will generally accept trades, foot traffic within 48 hours. Once suitable moisture levels are attained, the screed can be covered without any risk of cracking or curling.

Versatility and freedome of laying tiles or vinyl, etc.

The ECO FD E2C® offers great versatility and is used for all applications: underfloor heating/cooling, thermal & sound insulation, floor levelling... Unlike cement-based screeds, the virtual absence of expansion joints preserves the aesthetics of the floor coverings and allows all the freedom
both in terms of tile sizes and layouts (diagonal installation, lack of joints, etc.) or vinyl coverings (hospitals, sports halls, etc.)


  • Fast Drying (FD)
    (x2 at least)
  • Early to cover (E2C)
    (from 90% RH for tiles1 and vinyls2)
  • All the Gyvlon screed benefits
    no cracking, no curling, no need for joints, etc.
  • Low-skin option