Gyvlon Screed


The ultra-thin readymix flowing subbase leveller

Anhydritec has developed Gyvlon EXCELIO technology®®® to offer an unique readymix solution bridging the gap between self-smoothing compounds and bonded screeds.

Gyvlon EXCELIO® is the only readymix liquid flowing screed that can be bonded at just 12mm; eliminating the need for site batching multiple mixes, saving time and money.

EXCELIO® contributes to preserving the environment thanks to its high recycled content, no plastic packaging and low carbon content.

What does EXCELIO® offer?

EXCELIO® technology offers building designers a thin floor construction solution which provides:

Thin section

Up to 70% reduction in bonded construction thickness compared with traditional screeds


Up to 100% faster installation compared to a thin section smoothing compounds


Readymix solution, no site mixing, no bag storage, ensuring high productivity

EXCELIO® is a versatile solution suitable for new construction or renovation

EXCELIO® makes up for any levelling defects, from 12mm, while allowing up to a 70% reduction in screed thickness.

EXCELIO is bonded directly® after preparation and priming of the substrate. Installation time is reduced by up to 100% thanks to the  removals of bag handling and site mixing.

Main features

  • Quality assured
    Ready-mix produced by third party accredited partners
  • Only 12mm
    Bridging the gap between smoothing compounds and bonded screeds

  • Health & Safety
    Remove manual handling of bagged material, mixing and water addition
  • Green colouration
    To ensure correct product selection