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Our solutions for

thin levelling screed


As part of a new project or renovation, it is essential to get a perfectly flat and solid support in order to lay the desired floor.

Thanks to their high fluidity, our self-compacting Gyvlon® Screed solutions allow us to obtain an exceptional flatness on any type of support (concrete slab, wood flooring etc.) flatness deviation of no more than 3 mm below the 2 meter rule. 

This performance allows the direct laying of tiles to very large sizes (greater than 60 x 60 cm). These are needed increasingly as a major market trend.

Due to its high productivity, ease and efficient implementation, it generates a substantially even finished surface, with a professional result. Through the elimination of any unsightly joints in doorways and the middle of large rooms it creates a more aesthetic floor.

Gyvlon® Screed products are ideal for renovation in homogeneous medium and thin floors (up to 20 mm). We have especially adapted solutions (with fibre) for renovations on wood floor, that meet the dual requirement of lightness and perfect flatness. 

Do you know ?

With Gyvlon® Screed products it is possible to install 1000 - 2000 m2 per day to SR2 flatness.