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underfloor heating


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Our solutions for 

underfloor heating


Underfloor heating offers many advantages which are: uniform room temperature, comfort, safety and space saving. Also, underfloor heating is well adapted to all forms of energy production: particularly renewable, low temperature systems, such as air and ground source heat pumps.

Our flowing screeds - Gyvlon® Screed THERMIO®+ or ECO® when combined with low temperature underfloor heating achieve maximum comfort and energy savings. Our screeds offer many advantages over a traditional cement based screed:

  • increased conductivity 
  • faster room heating and cooling 
  • homogenous heat delivery 
  • better heating efficiency 

Gyvlon® Screed THERMIO®+ has been specially designed to deliver a higher guarantee of thermal performance. THERMIO®+ allows you to get to improve your floor heating by:

  • + performance : up to 30% increase in thermal emission coefficient for maximized performance of underfloor heating
  • + comfort : up to 80% thermal diffusivity for a more responsive rise in temperature
  • + savings : up to 8% savings on the heating bill



Do you know?

When choising one of our products you collaborate with environmental preservation. Our anhydrite binder is composed at 98% of recycled materials.