Gyvlon Screed


High performance, timber frame, acoustic flooring solution

The Gyvlon® Screed Soundbar System is a unique, total screeded flooring solution which is the only system of its kind to have achieved Robust Detail, E-FT-4. This provides the developer with the confidence and assurance of achieving a performance standard over and above Part E of the building regulations, two EcoHomes credits if registered with Robust Detail. The SoundBar® System delivers by providing a shallower, high quality, solid floor feel. Designed to improve upon the acoustic performance of a traditional timber floor. The design, installation and total project management is controlled through one company.

The Soundbar Technology has all the advantages of anhydrite base screeds, but with a more sophisticated and improved acoustic insulation. It can be used in any kind of situation, but its bespoke features tailor it to a design where the acoustic insulation is the most imporatnt feature. 

System advantages

  • High fluidity for an easy application.
  • Reduced expansion joints - Up to 1000 m2
  • Easily achieves SR2 of the finished surface
  • No metal reinforcements or structural fibres
  • Reduced cracking, ideal for healthcare
  • No curing compound necessary

System specific features 

  • Improved acoustic insulation
  • Makes a timber floor feel like a concrete floor
  • Saving in floor height over E-FT-1 of 61mm
  • This equates to a saving of one course of bricks per floor
  • Ideal for use with underfloor heating

Our technical+

  • Specifically designed for timber frame buildings
  • Meets Robust Detail E-FT-4
  • Reduces build time
  • Easily achieves SR2