Gyvlon Screed

The advantages of

anhydrite screed

  • Optimally designed floors
    without expansion joints and freedom of assembly coatings 
  • An easier installation of floor tiles
    and a perfectly flat finished surface. 

  • A floor that lasts longer than others
    without shrinkage or cracks over time
  • High conductivity
    improving by far the performance of underfloor heating
  • Compatibility with all floor coverings

What's new

a thought from Gyvlon, CO2 reductions NOW ?

New petrol and diesel cars banned from sale after 2030 under government's green plan; they are to be applauded for that, but it’s 9 years away…. 

Construction can help reduce emissions NOW

Here’s a thought, if we just switch half of the screed to Gyvlon based, and leave the cement to the structural work where it’s needed, we could save 23 million kgs CO2 per year being chugged into the air we all breathe.

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