Gyvlon Screed

The advantages of

anhydrite screed

  • Optimally designed floors
    without expansion joints and freedom of assembly coatings 
  • An easier installation of floor tiles
    and a perfectly flat finished surface. 

  • A floor that lasts longer than others
    without shrinkage or cracks over time
  • High conductivity
    improving by far the performance of underfloor heating
  • Compatibility with all floor coverings

What's new

Earth Day 2021

Support Earth Day by simply switching your screed from cementitious to Anhydritec Gyvlon flowing screed, with over 95% recycled binder content and NO cement.

Climate change is the most significant environmental  issue of our time and together we must take action to preserve our planet's future and protect the Earths valuable natural resources.  Raising awareness and education is crucial to tackling climate change.

Learn more about Earth Day 2021 here