Gyvlon Screed


Guaranteeing high performance underfloor heating

Within the Gyvlon® Screed "Environmental screed solutions" range THERMIO®+ Technology improves the performance of underfloor heating systems by creating a screed that is specifically designed to complement low temperature heating systems.

Gyvlon® Screed THERMIO®+ is the only screed with a guaranteed thermal performance.

What does THERMIO®+ offer?

+ performance

up to 30% increase in thermal emission value for maximised underfloor heating performance

+ comfort

up to 80% of thermal diffusivity for a much faster ramp-up in temperature, greatly improving immediate and long term comfort 

+ savings

up to 8% savings on the heating bills  


Guaranteed high performance underfloor heating 

THERMIO®+ has many benefits for your underfloor heating system: 

THERMIO®+ screed enables a much faster rise in temperature thanks to its high thermal diffusivity (up to +80% compare to a cement screed), providing quicker response to thermostat changes.


Greatly improved comfort, the floor emits the heat in a more efficient and homogeneous way thanks to the exceptional thermal emission value of THERMIO®+ (up to 30%). Maximising your underfloor heating performance.


The high efficiency of THERMIO®+ allows your boiler or heat pump to work with a better efficiency, and to make considerable savings on your heat bill (up to 80% saving when using a renewable heat source). 








Our main features

  • High and guaranteed thermal performance both in heating and cooling modes
  • Low Inertia 
    (Nominal thickness at 20mm only above pipes)
  • Red colouration
    to ensure correct product selection